Tai Ya Enterprise Co., Ltd.

About Us
Business Philosophy
TaiYa is specialized in manufacturing zinc and aluminum precision die-casting molds and products. Our team not only has extensive experiences in mold development and fabrication, we do communicate with customers. We think proactively over mold design for best production quality. Customer need is always our primary consideration.

 Sufficient design review with customer before mold design.
 Propose proper design concept of parting line, draft
 angle and tolerance to raise production efficiency.
 Connect internal professionalism to customer requirements
 throughout the developing and manufacturing processes.
 Ensure every mold we built is the best tool for production.
 Friendly service to optimum mold production capability.
 We care mold quality making by the professional team
 working in humanistic environment.

Focus on subtle details
From die-casting parameter、mold design and material selection to heat treatment process, ect., we deliberate on every step and spare no effort on unseen details. We look into each feature to ensure all precision is achieved and all specifications are satisfied. Surpassing customer in requirement is our persistent working attitude and goal.

We provide more mold values
Integrating innovative mold design with state of the art software and facilities, our team provides quality molds to customers in the shortest timeframe. The production-led mold design can mean durable mold life, optimum production capability, cost-saving and intangible upgrading the quality of die-casting components. TaiYa's unique mold concept contributes more advantages of die-cast production and creates more add-up values to end products for customers.
Our vision
We are committed to pursuit higher technique, adopt optimized procedure, maintain humanistic management and keep providing customer-driven services constantly. By working and growing prosperously with customers and peer elites in the field, we envision a higher ground of die-casting industry in future.
TaiYa will strive to forge ahead as to provide all-aspect services of die casting production technology.